blu Fit Activities

Activities offered by the blu Fit programme range from fitness courses and mobile massages to team sports events and nutrition workshops. The Team is constantly working on introducing new activities into the programme. Here is a small extract from the blu Fit portfolio.


One course is available every week, each with a different focus. The type of course (e.g. endurance course, cardio course) depends on the different trainers. In good weather, the courses are held on the roof terrace; in bad weather and in winter they take place in a new fitness room in the office area.

Nutrition workshops

By cooking together, participants discover what foods are good for concentration and a feeling of wellbeing. They also learn how to eat a healthy diet without a lot of effort or spending a lot of time on it.


Mobile massages help reduce tension in the shoulder, back and neck muscles, relieve the pain such as headaches that such tension causes, effectively reduce stress and thus recharge energy reserves.
Together with our partners, Vitalisten, blu Fit offers the option of mobile massages.

blu Quickie

blu Quickie is an initiative designed to get everyone in the office moving for a short period during working hours. It is aimed at all staff who are in the office at the time. Participants are encouraged to do a few mobility exercises together. blu Move is intended to combat muscle tension and tightness, as well as the infamous post-lunch dip.

Team sports events

Among blu Professionals are many sports enthusiasts who regularly take part in team sports events. Fixtures are organised so that all employees can take part in the ones that interest them. The following team sports currently form part of the blu Fit programme:

  • blu Kick
  • blu Volleyball
  • blu Spinning

Health days

Basic preventive care, together with knowing how to prevent or treat minor aches, can in many cases prevent more serious health problems from arising. On our health days, therefore, at various stands set up on the blu roof terrace, we aim to give all employees the opportunity to find out about different topics, catch up and seek advice.

Through shared activities we aim to contribute to a positive, collaborative working environment.

Social commitment

We are keen to make our contribution to society and to support people in difficult situations. With this aim in mind, through blu Fit we organise events such as sports festivals for socially disadvantaged children, undertake sponsorships and take part in sports events for good causes.

Social commitment

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