blu Fit Team

Five colleagues from blu Professionals joined forces to consider the topic of health and movement in everyday life. The programme surrounding blu Fit emerged from this, with a focus on a healthier way of life and interaction among colleagues. The Team takes care of the entire organisation and handling of activities.

Why blu Fit?


When I decided to train to be a coach, I spent a long time thinking about how I might then accommodate both occupations. A close friend gave me the great idea of bringing the two of them together.

blu Fit, in my view, is more than a health promotion programme – for me, all its opportunities reflect the particular culture of the company as we live and love it.

The development and conception of blu Fit also shows how much room for manoeuvre you are given at blu, if you come up with the right ideas.

What motivates me with blu Fit is to make others more aware of the really important things in life, such as health and social interaction.


On holiday in Thailand I received a message from Laura, saying that she’d had an idea for promoting good health at blu. In her search for support, she said, she wanted to let me know that in future I was to be part of the blu Fit Team. You might say I had no choice in the matter.

But still, I’m really pleased to be part of the Team now, since sport is a major part of my life. Besides, I enjoy helping other people to do something for themselves and their bodies.

And the programme is a great opportunity for new members of staff. The activities offered by blu Fit make it easier to become part of the community and to rapidly feel like they belong to the company.


As soon as Laura came to me with the idea, I was excited by it. Over time, as a Team we’ve developed a multifaceted programme that adds a certain something to the company.

And gradually a team has formed that is incredibly good fun to work with.

With blu Fit, everyone at blu has the opportunity to join in a wide range of activities, to get to know colleagues better and to benefit from some great discounts.

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