Family-friendly working

We recognise that every individual has their own personal projects outside of work.

Being family-friendly is part of our corporate culture, because you are only able to fully focus on your job when your family is being well cared for.

We offer various initiatives to support you in reconciling family and work.

An example of this, is that blu Professionals has joined the Bavarian Family Pact. As a learning organisation, we are constantly developing as an employer in order to meet the changing demands in the lives of both our staff members. We can achieve this primarily through feedback from our colleagues, but also through various awards and seals.


For us, this isn’t just about the matter of childcare. We also support our staff members through the challenge of reconciling personal situations and working life.

Our family-friendly benefits:

  • flexible working hours
  • mobile telework
  • management of parental leave
  • support for family members in need of care
  • co-operation opportunities with various institutions
  • “child corners” in offices
  • internal support and exchange groups (e.g. car sharing)
  • possibility of individual sabbaticals

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