Social commitment

In a community, irrespective of the type, it is essential that support is offered and made available when it is needed.

blu compliments

We assume responsibility for our projects in our day-to-day work, but also believe that each and every one of us is responsible for our society. That’s why we have set up the programme ‘blu compliments’ – to recognise staff members, friends and clients that demonstrate social commitment and uphold social values.

‚blu compliments‘ rewards can be collected on a voucher card, which can then be used to pay for goods.

At the moment, for example, we are currently supporting the following organisations:

Kindness for Kids

Kindness for Kids takes care of children with rare diseases. We support the foundation by organising day trips, which offer the afflicted children and their siblings and parents a chance to recuperate and regain their strength, and arranging evening activities.

You can find more information about this foundation at

Ghetto Kids e.V.

We have been working with Ghetto Kids e.V. for several years, offering socially disadvantaged children and young people better prospects in society. We support a number of the charity’s projects – whether through assistance in finding housing, holding training courses or putting on charitable events, with all proceeds going directly to the charity.

You can find more information about this association here:

Münchner Tafel e.V.

In Munich, there is an ever increasing number of people living in poverty, who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. The Münchner Tafel organisation supplies 25 food banks that feed 18,000 of the poorest people in our city every week. We support this absolutely essential charity with funding.

We don’t have clear-cut partnerships for all our projects – we also encourage individual activities that are suggested to us by our staff members. For example, we offer active support to a number of different youth football teams and children’s nurseries, as well as supporting them with financial means.

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