Thanks to its unique values-based culture, blu Professionals creates added value for its clients across a range of industries and offers its staff members interesting and varied project assignments with innovative companies. We have a comprehensive approach to quality, which means that our quality assurance is a combination of technical processes and human aspects. The quality of our service is built on our values.


Our values lay the foundation for our actions. We safeguard the quality of our business by continually working on our values-based culture, and by applying this both internally and externally. The sum of these values is reflected in our daily work and also in the behaviour of our staff members.



At blu Professionals, people are central to success. Our company stands out thanks to its high employee engagement and low turnover rate. This reinforces our commitment to our corporate culture and values, which we are constantly developing. We actively contribute to the motivation of our staff by offering more than just a place of work.

Thanks to our shared values, we have a common understanding of what collaboration means, which is based on co-operation and respect.

Family-friendly working

We recognise that every individual has their own personal projects outside of work.

Being family-friendly is part of our corporate culture, because you are only able to fully focus on your job when your family is being well cared for.

We offer various initiatives to support you in reconciling family and work.

Family-friendly working

blu History

Founded in October 2007, blu Professionals grew through its project partnership with heart. Here is a brief overview of the key milestones in our company’s history.

ab Okt 2020
Apr 2020
Mär 2020
Sep 2019
Jun 2019
Feb 2019

Lecturing work at Munich Business School in the area of project management

Jan 2019

Fair Company list in 2019

Apr 2018

Launched blu Fit

Launched blu Agile

Feb 2018

Lecturing work at Munich Business School in the area of project management

Jan 2018

Fair Company list in 2018

Dez 2017

Founded blu Academy

Mai 2015

Opening of Berlin office

Integration of the company stuwex into blu Professionals GmbH

Dez 2014
Apr 2014

Moved into new office space in Munich

Dez 2012

> 50 staff members

Jan 2012
Aug 2011

> 25 staff members

Okt 2007

Founding of blu Professionals GmbH

Moved into office space in Garching

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